Nintendo Switch Demo only available when full game is released. (It's a Nintendo thing).

The demo is limited by game length and only contains four city locations.

Musically accurate

Riff sample in the key of A Major.

Riff sample in the key of E-flat Major.

  • procedurally generated riffs
  • perfect intonation in 11 major scales
  • scales up to 5 sharps/5 flats
  • melodic mono-rhythms
  • lively tempo
  • treble clef range - easy to read on the stave
  • meow along to the music (you know you want to)

Some of the locations in Petropolis

Felix International
Cheshire Bank
Cinema Azrael
Ars Technicalis
Simba's Reserve
Snugglefields Golf
Tiger Roar
Siandam Quayside
St. Nala's Hospital
Hotel Figaro
Lost Kittens Statue
Meowbert Museum
O’Malley's Pub
Scratchy Park
Garfey's Pizza
Heathcliff Quarry
Stimpy Street
Kitten School
Houses of Humphrey
Cool For Cats
Sassy's Ski Resort
Salem Stadium
Kittybello Lane
Purrcasting House
Sylvester Theatre
Tomandjer Towers
Purrington West
Nermal's Cafe
Velveteen Campus
Hightail Village
Cougar House
Lake Audrey
Summit Frosti
Purralicious Parade
Kris Boozyfelt
Le Marquise
Jinx Prison
Den of Lucifer